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Birthday Parties • Educational Programs • Festivals • Libraries • etc.

Parrots have been her passion from childhood.

Sambuca was acquired as a young bird. Dallas, Jewels and Twinkie were all adopted.

  • The show consists of:

  • speaking about parrots as pets Vs. parrots living in the rainforest.
  • Learning about what they eat, how they live and where they come from in the wild.
  • Then the fun begins with each parrot having it's own repertoire of tricks.
  • Questions are encouraged and a lively conversation is sure to follow.
  • The birthday child receives 3 presents.
  • Guests receive a (molted) feather from the birds and a picture of all four parrots.

If you have a special theme, let us know! We have performed at many types of events and will tailor our show to your needs.

Picture taking opportunities can be requested.


Dallas is a striking Blue and Gold Macaw who likes to perform tricks, especially sinking a basketball.


Sambuca, the African Grey loves to talk and has a vocabulary approaching 500 words.


Jewels loves to ring her bell and will say hello to anyone with a smile


Twinkie will sit on top of your head and play with your hair and will let anyone take a picture

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